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    In the long run, if you want to keep them away, you need to get the pest control treatment done in your home.

    Recent researches have shown that women who were exposed to pesticides in first or last 3 months of pregnancy bore babies that had 50% higher chances of leukemia.

    We know that the most prominent breeding places would be bathrooms and kitchen where there is moisture and also stuff they can feed on. We keep in mind the needs of our clients during the extermination process. We ask them their problems and find solutions for them. This diligence is what makes Exterminator NY the most preferred pest control and extermination service in the NY.

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    Pets at your home often get these on them from outside. While you take them out for a walk in the gardens or streets these pests climb on to your pet and you never get to know about them. As fleas cannot fly, they have very strong legs which provide them enough lift so that they enter the hair of your pest. Their presence is only noticed when they start their activities by sucking blood from your pet's body.

    This causes a lot of irritation and they bother you in everything that you would try to do. They enter inside and then crash land in so many things, sometimes get in to your meal, or may crash into your eyes creating panic for you and your family. They often land in places where it is very hard for you to reach or even get noticed by their presence. They find shelter in your place, and full grown moths mate and lay their eggs by creating small hole inside those hidden place for their young larvae or caterpillar.

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